Recruitment & Talent Acquisition ServicePRIME Consultancy offers recruitment services that are inspired by our own extended management experience in Indonesia, that guides us on applying a very systematic approach. To serve our clients the most convenient way, we are confident to offer our services largely on a success-based fee structure.

It is our policy to make sure that we understand all the particulars of our clients regarding the headhunting assignment before going into action. By doing so, we act very responsible and pro-active as we are bringing our experience and ideas forward to the table, that increase successful placements. By teaming up with our clients in such a way we are always striving for effective delivery of qualified candidates within the given time range and budgets.

We do talent screening on domestic candidates and expats at senior and upper middle-management level positions. We are able to serve for talent acquisition on wide range of industry sectors. 

Our Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Approach

This is our step-by-step approach to find the suitable talents for you:

  1. Utilizing Applications Database

Having been in business for more than a decade, PT PRIME Consultancy can utilize a database of about 130.000 applicants that cover a wide range of industries and hierarchy levels. Such a database and the possibility of utilizing our professional networks put us in the position, where we can do the recruitment processes swiftly and competently.

  1. Analysing and Matching the Resumes to the Job Profile

In order to derive top candidates out of a huge database and job advertisement it is utmost important to have comprehensive discussion with the clients about the criteria for identifying qualified candidates. Before we can select the job applications, the job profile and criteria have to be discussed and agreed on within the employer organization. The criteria derived from a kick-off event together with the employer representative will cover aspects, that we will use in analysing the candidate’s resume, the background and qualifications. Additional aspects according to the employer’s needs can also be included in the analysis.

Finally, the budget for each job vacancy need to be determined as this will be used right from the beginning to screen the capacities and expectations about the remuneration packages. Of course we are not disclosing the budgets to the candidates at any time.

  1. Screening calls and In-person interviewing

Already before Covid-19 it was very common to reach out to candidates for interviews via online and video-conferencing media. On one hand the intense traffic gridlock in Jakarta would make the online face-to-face interviews more convenient than coming personally to the office. On the other hand this would allow us to interview candidates anytime and anywhere in the archipelago.

Our research team is familiar with this online interviews and able to achieve the same good result as interviewing the candidate offline in person. As part of our policy, it is also necessary to do two or three screening calls and ideally by different recruiters. Our target is to find highly compatible matches for each job opening and multiple contacts and communication will enlarge the success ratio. When the time has come for the client to engage directly with the selected candidates, we are able to participate in the interviews, which is led by the client, and follow the preferred method from the client.

  1. Creating Certainty with Assessment Tests

As resumes only document the career history of the candidates, we are also offering the service to get to know candidates from additional angles, namely through selected cognitive and behavioral online tests. This can also include gamification techniques as part of the talent screening and assessment tests, which in most recent years became an interesting approach in the talent acquisition process. 

It is proven that the likelihood to achieve a very good match between job vacancy and candidates is much higher than if the evaluation process is only derived from resume reviews and interviews.  We are open to discuss these services in the recruitment process with our clients.

  1. Engaging in Background & Reference Checks

In certain cases, detailed checking of background and references of the candidates is valuable for the client, to increase the certainty and to reduce further risks. We are able to perform these checks, conducting investigations domestically and internationally and of course always confidentially within the legal limits.

  1. Extending Job Offers to On-board the Best Candidates

Naturally the most critical stage of the recruitment is the last one where employers and designated employees have to come to terms. Although the recruitment process is well structured until this final part, there are exceptional situation where we can offer the service to mediate between the parties based on our sound experience and best practice approach related to employments laws and regulations in Indonesia.

Employment and HR Management Services

The founders of PRIME Consultancy are frequently engaged in consultation service on human resource management topics, including:

  • Employment Agreements (Permanent vs. Time Contracts).
  • Company Regulations and Employee Handbooks.
  • Remuneration Planning – Salaries, Allowances, Bonus, Healthcare, etc.
  • Human Resources Information Systems.
  • Succession Planning.
  • Termination of Employment.
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