Dear valued reader,

The business environment has changed dramatically since COVID-19 and the need for companies to adapt to a “new normal” is more urgent than ever – and that has to happen and has to be done really FAST. Typical areas where companies have to change is the development of new product lines and areas, strengthening of the existing core business or optimization of internal business processes through digitization.

In order to support our customers to master these necessary changes we have teamed up with the German Organization “Go-Silicon-Valley e.V.” ( which has developed a concept called “New Business Development Process with the help of Startups”.

How can Startups help existing Business Development units? Startups often have ready to use solutions or products which:

  • Use innovative trends and technologies which are in-house not yet available (e.g. AI, machine learning technologies, robotics, marketing platforms, usage of blockchain technology etc. etc.)
  • Provide more agile, hence faster development cycles
  • Have a faster MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development for product-market-fit and feasibility checks

In the following link you will see a brief write-up how such an initial process will work and what 4 Steps will be taken (please click here) if you engage and mandate us with our partners for such a process. We have defined a Startup Scouting Package 2020 with clearly defined deliverables.

In case you are interested to learn more about a Startup Scouting process:

Please contact us with your company profile/presentation so that we can schedule a first online session with your team where we will explain the process in greater detail, show the innovation potential and explain examples from customers which went successfully through such a process. As the situation of each company is different from others we will provide a tailor made offer for your Scouting process.

Best regards

Volker Bromund