PT PRIME Consultancy (PRIME) is since 2011 active in advisory services for the Financial Services Industry with focus on Government related projects and studies, often related to government supported new and innovative Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency financing structures and solutions. Over the years close relationships have been developed with the Indonesian Banking Regulator OJK (Sustainable Finance Department), the Ministry of Finance, various Government Financial Institutions such as PT SMI, PT IIF, IIGF, the large State Owned Banks such as Bank Mandiri, BNI, BRI and various private Banks and Finance Companies as link to the end user of the financial products and services.

Since November 2017 PRIME is mandated by KfW DEG to run the “German Desk Financial Support and Solutions Indonesia” in cooperation with Panin Bank Group where the focus is, amongst others, on financing of Indonesian companies which invest in new machinery and equipment coming from Germany and in general to support Indonesian companies on all questions which are related to finance that have a “German” touchpoint.

Out of these many projects and activities PRIME, with Volker Bromund as Consultant, has emerged as one of the leading Consultants in Indonesia related to Sustainable Finance with deep knowledge of the Financial Services Industry. PRIME has also arranged over the years financing for companies in all industries such as textile, logistics, infrastructure, heavy equipment and power generation with a total amount of > 100mio US$ in total with various Banks as lending partners. PRIME receives due to its KfW DEG “German Desk” mandate constantly inquiries to finance projects and investments in all industries and has therefore a comprehensive overview of the Indonesian Banking market and financing needs of Indonesian companies in all sectors as well as the refinancing needs of the Indonesian Financial Services Industry (here specifically Multi Finance Companies and Banks).

PRIME is also in close contact with PT SMI which has created the SGD One for Indonesia. The Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Finance and PT SMI seeks to achieve the SDGs through the establishment of an integrated platform called “SDG Indonesia One” which combines public and private funds through blended finance schemes to be channeled into infrastructure projects related to the achievement of SDGs.

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