Revamping your Hiring Process in 2019

by Jochen Sautter - Human Resources

PRIME Consultancy is appointed by Humanostics, a Danish headquartered management consulting firm specialized in workforce analytics, to represent their leading HR-Profiling-Tools in Indonesia.

Their Predictive Index stands out by enabling HR managers and users to create a required behavioural profile for a specific job role. The job assessment gives all involved persons a proven framework. The targetted job profile can then be compared to any person who has completed the behavioural assessment, for example, job applicants or employees waiting to be promoted.

The online tool helps you to save time and HR expenditures by identifying the talent with the best matching behaviour. How effective this is in practice shows the case study of DocuSign. The NASDAQ listed company used the Predictive Index to improve their HR hiring process and the performance of their sales team by 21%. Please click on the picture left to download the case study.

The Predictive Index workforce analytics is one of the leading in the world and available in Bahasa Indonesia. The highly reliable and valid analysis is already proven and trusted by numerous MNCs and takes about 20 minutes to complete. Please visit the website for more details.

If you are interested in trying the Behavioral and Job Assessment, then do let us know the name, email and mother tongue of the person to receive an invitation.

Case Study DocuSign