Reduce Bad Hires & Increase Employee Engagement with Humanostics

by Jochen Sautter - Recruitment

Matching experiences and skills of a candidate with your job requirements is usually the easy part. A job interview clarifies, if the appearance and mindset matches with your expectations. But how do you evaluate a candidate’s potential performance? Or in practical words, are you sitting in front of the new shooting star or rather a mismatch?

To answer that question, it's necessary to understand a person’s working behavior and cognitive strengths. Recruiters will agree that these variables can hardly be covered by analyzing résumés or snapshots in form of an interview. Nevertheless, it is crucial to avoid bad hires in order to ensure fruitful work relations in long term. Otherwise, employees may follow the next best job offer from another company, taking with them all the energy you invested to reach their best performance level.

As representative of Humanostics in Indonesia, we offer behavioral and cognitive assessments to support corporate’s recruitment processes through:

  1. Deeply understand the candidate’s behavior, e.g. is the person as independent as described personally or rather the collaborative type
  2. Discover where the cognitive strengths are, namely verbal, numerical or abstract
  3. Compare candidates web based test results and identify the most suiting talent
  4. Support your hiring decision based on résumés and interviews with a proven behavioral and cognitive assessment
  5. Consequently reduce bad hires, which are known leading to higher employee fluctuations


Aren't you interested how your test results look like? I will be glad to provide a free assessment upon request for you or your colleagues. Click here to view an example report.

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