Avoiding miseries when setting up businesses in Indonesia

by Jochen Sautter - Market Development , Company Establishment

PRIME Consultancy brings plenty of valuable experience to the table when foreign investors desire setting up a business in Indonesia. It is a pity that often shortly after such a desire is stipulated, company establishments face easily severe struggles. Plenty of documents of the designated shareholders have to be collected or even newly created. Many details about the future entity need to be decided and declared right from the beginning. What seems easy at first glance can turn out quickly complicate if not planned well upfront. Therefore, PRIME Consultancy is providing its business intelligence for setting up such new entities effectively and most diligently beyond the typical score of lawyers and agents.

In some cases, investors are surprised to face chicken and egg dilemma already when filling out application forms. One of them is that they are already confronted with the need of having to provide detailed information about their chosen office set up, while the investor expected to engage in searching an office only after the establishment of an entity. Similarly information about the management is needed at a very early stage of the company establishment - far earlier than intended in initial business plans. So those are examples of typical hurdles of an investment process that are regularly overlooked, leading to a loss of time and money. PRIME Consultancy can help out investors with its advisory in any stage of a company establishment.

By the way, many times when we discuss the framework of setting up entities such evaluations lead to much better understandings if a representative office or limited liability company is the better choice for the investor. Such evaluations might even lead to business hosting models using the service of a third party, instead of setting up an own entity. Since PRIME Consultancy is a neutral market insider with lots of experience, our analysis can be very valuable when making extremely important decisions about market developments such as establishing entities.

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