Rasmus Kilde

Transport & Shipping specialist

With over 17 years of experience in the international shipping market, and more than 13 years’ in Indonesia Rasmus Kilde is backed by a rich background with focus on Dry Cargo Chartering in the Pacific, as well as Chartering, Port Agency and Maritime Logistic within Indonesia. He has generated a strong track record of extraordinary performance, together with well acknowledged achievements both in Indonesia and International in a very competitive and challenging shipping industry.

Franz Kleindl

Chemical Industry & Mining Specialist

Franz Kleindl has made his career largely in Asia over 20 years, thereof more than 10 years in Indonesia. Over time Mr. Kleindl built up a broad network and understanding of the Indonesian chemical industry and mining sector. Franz Kleindl had been Director of Operations of PT. Sud-Chemie in Indonesia 2003 until retirement in 2014. Nowadays he assists PRIME Consultancy in research projects that need very deep industry knowledge as a freelance consultant.

Lulita Milasari

Banking & Retail Specialist

Lulita Milasari, Founder and CEO of Milsa Group, a leading Food and Beverage company and providing strategic direction, vision and financial advisory to small and medium sized corporates. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Lulita Milasari worked for over 18 years in finance and treasury positions for food and beverage retail companies in Indonesia like Kraft Foods, Coca-Cola and Carrefour. Thereafter she held the position of Vice President of Product Management, Implementation and Service at Deutsche Bank Indonesia until 2014. Lulita Milasari developed over time an outstanding network with local and foreign banks as well as in the retail industry and local regulators.